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Comdirect Deutsche Bank

Comdirect Deutsche Bank Navigationsmenü

WKN: , ISIN: DE, DEUTSCHE BANK ▸ Aktueller Aktienkurs, Chart, Kennzahlen & News anzeigen. Mit Ihrer girocard an allen Geldautomaten der Commerzbank, Deutschen Bank, HypoVereinsbank und Postbank, an allen teilnehmenden Shell-Tankstellen und​. Kontakt, Deutsche Bank, Mainzer Landstraße, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland. Telefon, Email, [email protected] WKN: XM4SRT, ISIN: DEXM4SRT4, Index-Zertifikat ▸ Deutsche Bank AG O.​End Z 15(15/unl.)ShortDAX x4 aktueller Kurs, Charts & News anzeigen. WKN: DC, ISIN: DEDC, Aktienanleihe ▸ Deutsche Bank AG Aktienanleihe 19(20)CBK aktueller Kurs, Charts & News anzeigen.

Comdirect Deutsche Bank

Zur Cash Group zählen neben der Commerzbank auch Deutsche Bank, Postbank und HypoVereinsbank. Die Cash-Group-Partnerbanken ermöglichen den. Der Börsengang der Comdirect Bank erfolgte schließlich am 5. Juni im Neuen Markt der Deutschen Börse. Die Aktie war mehrfach überzeichnet und startete. Finanzbericht comdirect bank AG (). Finanzbericht D21/TNS Infratest (). Online Banking – Sicherheit zählt. Deutsche Bank AG.

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Juni bestätigt September bestätigt Mehr. Die Billigung des Basisprospekts durch die BaFin ist nicht als ihre Befürwortung der angebotenen Wertpapiere zu verstehen.

Wir empfehlen Interessenten und potenziellen Anlegern den Basisprospekt und die Endgültigen Bedingungen zu lesen, bevor Sie eine Anlageentscheidung treffen, um sich möglichst umfassend zu informieren, insbesondere über die potenziellen Risiken und Chancen des Wertpapiers.

Sie sind im Begriff, ein Produkt zu erwerben, das nicht einfach ist und schwer zu verstehen sein kann.

Details about the services: www. You apply for the account through the link mentioned above. After the online account application, there are two possibilities of legitimating:.

You go with the ID-coupon and your ID-card or passport to a post office branch of your choice and confirm your identity there.

The post office forwards your identity to the bank. This method is free for you! VideoIdent consists of a video call conversation with Comdirect.

You will have to hold your passport in front of the camera. Additionally, the bank staff member will take a current photo of you through the webcam.

The application is also provided through the above mentioned link. Depending on the nationality, there are one or two methods for identification available.

ID-cards, national ID-cards and passports of nearly every country are accepted by the Deutsche Post branch offices as a data base for the PostIdent-procedure.

As the German residential address is only stated on the foreign ID-documents in the rarest of cases, the submission of a registration certificate will be required in many cases.

The legitimating via video call is currently available to holders of identity documents from the following countries:.

For German citizens abroad expats that have a valid ID-card or passport, the VideoIdent-procedure is a great simplification.

Additionally, a confirmation of the address abroad is required. This proof can be provided easily. Proven — at no additional costs — are phone bills, electricity or gas bills, or a bank statement from a local bank: simply a document that states your abroad address.

This procedure, in which a notary verifies your identity based on the ID-card or passport and confirms it using the ID-form of the Comdirect bank, can be used as an emergency solution, if you live in a country, where the Internet connection is not sufficient for video calls.

However, please note that the German language should be understood at least elementarily. The telephone customer service will also be able to deal with English, but the online banking and mailings of the bank are only available in German language.

For non-German citizens abroad, there is a total of three legitimating methods. Please choose the one that is easiest for you.

No matter in which country you are currently — you can take this convenient way of video call, if you have an identity document of the following countries:.

The legitimating through the ID-form can be implemented from most countries. However, please contact the customer service of the Comdirect bank and ask about the current situation e.

The legitimating through the PostIdent-procedure is always possible. For example, if you are visiting Germany. However, we know of cases in which the Deutsche Post has declined this legitimating — probably because of the foreign address — but there are also cases in which it worked well.

The Comdirect Bank can offer such excellent conditions, such as the free Visa card , because it is a clever direct bank. However, that also means that many processes happen automatically.

Thus, each application on a current account opening is assessed by the computer and this suggests an account opening or a rejection of account opening.

For this, the computer evaluates various data, such as the monthly income , among others. If you live abroad or are only recently living in Germany, then there will be probably only few or no data at the Schufa.

This has a negative impact on the creditworthiness rating and may lead in some cases to a rejection of the account opening. The Comdirect Bank is one of the best German banks not only due to the very good conditions, but also because of its comparatively very, very good customer service.

Explain your situation to the bank and say or write to the bank about the purpose of the account. There are so many cases in which a re-examination — taking into account the new information — led to a successful account opening.

On your request, the documents will be sent by letter paying postage. The bank statements are provided as a PDF document electronically to your virtual mailbox in the online banking system.

The access data for online banking, as well as the Girocard and Visa card , are sent to you by mail. The delivery is in any case — regardless whether in Germany or abroad — free of charge.

Our editorial staff would be happy to answer your questions on the account opening at the Comdirect, as well as on the legitimating methods.

Please post your question in the comments box at the bottom of this page. Many thanks! My don is travelling to germany to work in the summer at an English teaching camp and they will be paying him in euros and they have suggested he open an account in Germany.

He 19 and from the United kingdom. Can he Open one with you? Very many thanks. Try it, please! We ourselves are curious to know how well opening an account from different countries works for different people … thank you for your feedback.

We are an American couple who recently purchased a holiday home in Switzerland. We reside in the U. But visit Switzerland 3 or 4 times a year.

We would like to open a bank acct to pay our taxes in Europe and to make deposits if the home is rented.

Can you advise us if this is possible? Thank you. Lee Phillips. The Comdirect is a bank in Germany. If you have your holiday home in Switzerland, it will be probably useful, if you open an account in Switzerland.

You should know that Switzerland has the Franks, a different currency than in Germany. The easiest will be that you visit a local Kantonalbank in the city, where your holiday home is … or ask in Switzerland for a recommendation.

For our readers, we have specialized on the best selection and opening of bank accounts in Germany. I would note that American Citizens have special problems opening bank accounts in Europe, and really if you only need to pay a few bills, and have limited European income, then its much easier to open an account with Currencyfair or Transferwise.

And if you have income, with Currencyfair you can simply have your renters do a transfer to your Currencyfair account, from which you can exchange for USD and send back to your bank.

Hello, I wish to buy a flat in Berlin. Is it possible to open an bank account in Germany..

Easiest and cheapest way: Go to a lokal bank in Berlin. You will get your bank account less one hour. Which is provisions is for send money online comdirect bank to other EU countries?

Guten Tag! Ich bin jetzt Rentnarin und moechte gerne ein Konto in Deutschland eroefenen. Wohne nicht mehr in De aber in der EU.

Ist sowas moeglich jetzt noch???? Comdirect is a direct bank. There are no branches which can do the ID check. Contact the bank for details, please.

Also are you notified via email or post? It takes about a week. Then comes the first of several letters by mail welcome pack, access to online banking, cards, PINs.

Hi, I currently live in Argentina. I been working for a UK based company for 8 years. I have a bank account in Spain that has been frozen because of some regulations they started to enforce recently.

I do happen to have double nationality Argentine — German and have also a German passport. Yes, I think you have good chances for an account opening at Comdirect.

With your German passport you can make the identification over webcam. For apply the account use the PDF form the online form is for people with address in Germany.

I have been sent a real round robin in regards to opening a bank account. I am a Zimbabwean, residing on a work permit in South Africa and 6 weeks into my 90 day internship in Berlin.

I was told to open an account I should register my address once I have a permanent one. I resided in a student hostel for the first 2 weeks and managed to find a place 4 weeks ago.

I only now managed to get a lease agreement. The next available appointment spot for registration Anmeldung is after I leave!

Shall I then opt to open a non-resident account? Is it possible to do so at a branch. I would like to keep this Euro offshore account for life.

I highly doubt that Zimbabwe or South Africa are on this list. Yes, the PDF-document for non-resident is the right one.

And it is a great idea to open the account during the stay in Germany. That is easy to make the legitimation.

Hi I am a business man from Australia. Can we open the account via internet? At the Comdirect, one can open a private account instructions given above.

The bank does not offer business accounts. We are still working on a solution for this issue and will then publish instructions on this special portal.

Hi there I am ahmad. Owner of hi tech computers, Faislabad, Pakistan. I am a businessman and I want to open bank account in Germany.

I have business visa for one year. Please guide me how I can open it. When I come I need my payment in safe hand.

So I need bank account. However, we are working to find a solution on how to open a business account in Germany from abroad.

So far, only very few banks are interested, therefore, it is not easy to find a good solution. Nevertheless, we will find a solution and publish it on this special portal.

Hello I am citizen of Greece and live in Greece. I would like to open an account in Germany to keep some money there safe out of Greek banking system But I would like to be able to use these money for payments example online services in case I need to.

I have read about comdirect that offers current account together with savings account free of charge. Will I be able to open these accounts?

Do you read the article? It is all explain. Sometimes people only post their questions and wait that someone wrote for they personally.

I mean if I have good chances to open a current account or is it better to go only for a savings account. Yes, that is correct.

Experience has shown that it is easier to open a savings account first and to add a current account later. The background is that it is difficult for the bank to carry out a creditworthiness check, if the residence is in Greece.

For a savings account, no creditworthiness check is necessary. Nevertheless, the bank might ask for the reason of account opening.

The Comdirect expects some knowledge of German language in order to understand the banking. The account opening and banking can be done completely in English language.

However, one currently needs an address in Germany or Austria for the account opening, because the MasterCard can only be sent to these two countries.

This will be improved in the future. Moreover, currently only transfers within the SEPA area are possible. Again, this will be expanded.

The bank is still fairly new. Thank you for reply. What if I apply on comdirect for a current account but without credit card and overdraft these are optional in the account opening documents Do I still need a credit rating for this?

I would prefer an account without interest rate that is why I prefer a current account instead of savings account if possible.

I would like to open a current account in order to link it with paypal. We do have paypal available here, but unfortunately some form of paypal payments are not yet available here.

I am Indian and have been working here with local contract since 3 years. I have a Kreissparkase for my salary account which i am using for Electricity bill, Internet bill, Radio bill and house rent.

These are down auto debit to me. If I open a account with. The credit card is settled weekly with the current account in order to avoid the expensive loan interest.

In the case that the current account slips into the red, only the cheaper overdraft facility interest applies.

Hi, With the notarial confirmation for the ID-form, as my documents Passport, gas bills, etc are not in German, will they have to be professionally translated?

I am planning to move to Germany in November, and prefer to make the arrangements before i am moving. I do not know you and your financial circumstances.

However, we did not establish this special portal to give individual consultation, but to show what is possible in general.

If you can provide the few requirements stated in the above article, then you should not encounter any problems at the account application.

Finally, it is the bank that decides to open an account or not. An account opening from abroad always is a little more difficult — as it is more expensive for the bank — than from an address within Germany.

Nevertheless, the Comdirect in one of the very few banks in Germany, where this is possible in principal. I would like to know what is the deposit guarantee with Comdirekt.

I live in Cyprus but am a British citizen. Thank you, David Jones. The statutory deposit guarantee in Germany is Euros , per customer and account.

According to their statutes, there is an additional assurance in the millions per customer and account. This amount depends on the equity capital of the bank.

At Comdirect, this is currently Euros 77 million per customer. At the Comdirect, the account opening is always applied for online.

As you want to apply for the account from abroad, please do not click on the big button at the top as this is linked to the online application for Germany , but through the following link.

The accounts for holders with residence abroad are not applied through an online form, but using a PDF document.

It could be that you and the bank agree on a legitimating via webcam. You hold your ID card and your face in front of the webcam to confirm your identity.

This works fine with German ID cards or passports, but unfortunately, not always with ID documents from abroad. Alternatively, the Comdirect accepts an Ident-form through a notary from Cyprus.

You should discuss the details with the Bank. You will have to bear the costs of the notary and postage. Another alternative would be the PostIdent-procedure.

However, this only works in branch offices of the post in Germany. The costs will be borne by the Comdirect. The account opening in a branch office and a personal identification through an employee, is not possible, as the Comdirect has no branch offices.

It is a pure online bank. Therefore also the excellent conditions! I live in the USA and am looking to open an account to use for spending money whenever we visit Germany.

I know banking is quite different in Germany and Europe compared to here. For spending money you need a Girokonto with a Girocard debit card or a Kreditkarte credit card.

I would like to follow the same procedure from Greece. But notaries here are not allowed to sign the identity papers that the bank requires.

Such actions are only allowed to lawyers. But identity papers from lawyer is not accepted by the bank. Do you have any suggestion for this problem?

Yes, you have two possibilities: a arrange an individual solution directly with the bank we are not the bank , b use the identification procedure in a branch office of the German post.

Regarding a I have already contacted the bank and they do not accept anything else. The only thing I have not mentioned to them is video-ident since I read that it works only for German speaking countries, is this correct?

So if the address of residence is not shown on passport or ID it is not shown for Greek ID or passport I have to bring to the post office some utility bill of tax bill that will show my address.

What can I bring to the a German Post-Office that the employee will admit? Because all these papers are in Greek language. What would be the best options to transfer money to this account from the U.

I know basic German and am trying to learn some banking German. Would they decline me if they think my German is not good enough? TransferWise is cheap and fast.

However, I do not know, if it is always the best solution. Nevertheless, it is more important to me to have a permanently cheap and reliable partner in financial matters, than saving 5 cents in one occasion.

If you are able to fill out the application for account opening, then your German is good enough!

Hi Cash withdraw is free abroad by using the credit card. And what about payments with the credit card?

Which commissions are paid? Thanks Rui m. Yes, this is correct. Withdrawing money outside Germany is free of charge with the Visa credit card.

Payments in Euros are also free of charge. At payments in a different currency e. USD you will have to bear 1. When withdrawing money in a foreign currency — e.

US-Dollars — no international service fee applies. Meintest du:. Depot von der Deutschen Bank zur comdirect. Antworten 0 Danke.

Antworten 3 Danke. Tags 1. Tags: depotübertrag.

Und Beste Spielothek in SteinebrСЊck finden sieht es mit der Anhebung check this out Fremdautomaten mit der Giro card der Comdirect aus, denn man darf ja kostenlos im Inland Geld abheben? Jürgen sagt:. Vergleich mit Basiswert. Ich bin Ägypter, der in Ägypten lebt, und ich möchte ein Continue reading in der comdirect bank zu here, werde ich Deutschland im nächsten Oktober besuchen werden. Online-Broker gibt Frankreich und Italien auf. Emi sagt:. In: Frankfurter Neue Presse. Am Kennzahlen comdirect bank Aktie. Kein Spam, aber viel Erfahrung und Wissen! Flo sagt:. Die Billigung des Basisprospekts durch die BaFin ist nicht als ihre Befürwortung der angebotenen Wertpapiere zu verstehen. Zusätzlich dir unter diesem unter diesem Weblink Kontaktdaten und Entfernungen von Commerzbank-Filialen Neil Armstrong FuГџabdruck. Oder noch einfacher: Bezahlen Sie bargeldlos mit Ihren comdirect Karten.

Comdirect Deutsche Bank Video

Comdirect Neukunde ► 2 Karten und 100 Euro Prämie

Comdirect Deutsche Bank Realtimekurs comdirect bank AG

Orderbuch weitere Times and Sales. Und welche Dokumente muss ich mitbringen? Das kann comdirect leider nicht beeinflussen. Inline Feedbacks. Reuters, Sie Paypal Canada sich beim Einsatz Ihrer comdirect Karten einfach an der Landeswährung und erhalten so kostenlos Bargeld:. Ich bin Ägypter, der in Ägypten lebt, und ich möchte ein Konto in der comdirect go here zu öffnen, werde ich Deutschland im nächsten Oktober besuchen werden. In: Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung. I especially like that they allow several free deposits each year at Commerzbank. You can decide for yourself, which method you like best. Thus, each application on a account opening is assessed by the computer and this suggests an Strip Las Vegas opening or a rejection of account opening. September 29, I resided in a student hostel for the first 2 weeks and managed to find a place 4 weeks ago. My Ukrainian passport originally issued in Sepextended till Sep is about to expire in 2 months. The delivery is in any case — regardless whether in Germany or abroad — free of charge. I have two questions: 1 I can use see more VISA card only as a prepaid card, by transferring money to the corresponding account? July 17, Just write an e-mail to the customer service of El Gordo Quoten bank and ask for another PostIdent-Coupon for the legitimating and you will receive it via e-mail. Comdirect Deutsche Bank

Comdirect Deutsche Bank - Die girocard (Debitkarte) ist Ihre Karte für den gesamten Euroraum

Geld einzahlen darf man nur dreimal im Jahr tätigen, danach ist jede Einzahlung mit Kosten verbunden. Katrin Schöne sagt:. Bild: comdirect. Das kann niemand seriös vorab beantworten. Ach so,bei Eröffnung wurde mir ebenfalls nur die Prepaid Visa ausgestellt. Nur Kunden haben Chancen. Hallo Gregor, ich moechte gerne ein Zweitkonto in Deutschland. Neue ETFs. Sie können das Depot — mit und ohne Girokonto — bequem aus dem Ausland nutzen. Marktübersicht OS. Alle News. Dabei würde ich gern eine von meiner Anmeldeaddresse abweichende Postaddresse angeben die Post in meinem Aufenthaltsland ist sehr unzuverlässing und Sendungen Beste Spielothek in finden sehr oft verloren. Der Börsengang der Comdirect Bank erfolgte schließlich am 5. Juni im Neuen Markt der Deutschen Börse. Die Aktie war mehrfach überzeichnet und startete. COMDIRECT BANK AKTIE und aktueller Aktienkurs. Nachrichten zur Aktie comdirect bank AG | | DE Commerzbank · Deutsche Bank AG. Zur Cash Group zählen neben der Commerzbank auch Deutsche Bank, Postbank und HypoVereinsbank. Die Cash-Group-Partnerbanken ermöglichen den. Einzigartigkeit der Comdirect Bank. Die Comdirect Bank wurde Anfang der er-Jahre von der international bekannten deutschen Commerzbank gegründet. Finanzbericht comdirect bank AG (). Finanzbericht D21/TNS Infratest (). Online Banking – Sicherheit zählt. Deutsche Bank AG. Comdirect Deutsche Bank


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